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feel free to contact us for special requests. 


Edible Flowers


how to order

Restaurants / Chefs

General Public

  • Subscription Boxes

    • Sign up for our microgreen subscription boxes to receive weekly assortments of our rotating menu!​

  • Specific orders.

    • If there is a specific product you'd like to order, give us an email or call to place an order to grow.​

Grown to order. 

  • All of our products are grown to order, to the exact preferences and specifications of each client. 

  • Therefore, please allow at least 2 weeks for your order to be grown and cultivated.

  • Certain rare products may take as long as a month to be grown. 

  • If you are expecting consistent orders, we encourage you to mark the recurring order box on our order page or give us a call so that we may anticipate your needs and grow accordingly.

  • This will allow us to prepare your next order while your current order is still growing, significantly reducing the lead time, to as often as 2 deliveries a week. 

Delivery information. 

  • Deliveries are made every Tuesday and Friday, 7am - 5pm.

  • When placing an order, please provide your delivery preferences and we will  try our best to fulfill your request. 

  • Our delivery drivers cover a free 15 mile range from our farm in Irvine, with a $2.50 surcharge for every mile over.

  • All deliveries must be received and signed off by an authorized employee. 

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