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We are proud to feature our 1500sqft hydroponic farm in Irvine, CA. All our grow systems are designed to be vertically scaled with technology to maximize our ability to reuse resources. In fact, we save up to 90% more water than traditional farms. Our water is always re-captured, filtered, treated, and supplied with nutrients for another use. 


We can go on about our farm. But why not instead see for yourself? 

Please feel free to contact us for a tour.

still but humble farmers . . .

Malaia's Microgreens was started in a small shed in our friend's neighbor's backyard. The shed was bought used and the foundation was built poorly. Inside our shed was a small workspace, a few boxes of storage, and two hydroponic shelves. Our ingenious solution for electricity was a 50ft extension cable to our friend's neighbor's house. Between our portable AC and grow lights, the line could only take so much before tripping the breaker. Which happened about once a week. But overall, the shed proved to be very valuable experience for us, and the very place we earned our

Certified Farmers Certificate.

After a few months of the shed, the foundation had shifted so much the floor began to warp. With ambition to keep growing and a crumbling shed, we eventually moved into Malaia's home garage. The garage was a notable upgrade from the shed. Stable and level flooring, access to more than one outlet, and about four times larger than our 100sqft shed. It was around this time we also started attending the Santa Monica, Brentwood, and Calabasas farmers markets. 

Eventually we decided to take the big leap and look into professional funding for Malaia's Microgreens. Through expert help from the SBDC, we secured a loan and lease, and officially opened our doors in 2022. We are grateful to thank all the family, friends, and strangers who have helped us along the way. 

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